Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April, 15

Hey, hey hey! Today is my favorite day! It's my birthday! Nothing's really special about it, but I'm still really-really excited about the fact that I'm turning 15 today! Speaking of which, here's a list of my birthday present.

Karenina's Birthday Present:
  1. MOM: Fashion Illustrator book. WOW! I really really HAPPY when I saw the cover of that book. I've been dreaming of having it since I could remember! It's a guide book that shows me how to draw different kinds of clothing. WOA
  2. SISTER: Pelican Drawing Marker. In all different colors! She really knew that I loooooove colors! I already imagine what kind of drawing that I'll make using my new marker. *drool
  3. BROTHER: Beng Beng. It's a chocolate wafer haha! It's really cute, he attach a ribbon to it haha. p.s my brother is 4 years old.
  4. UNCLE: Adobe Master Collection. WOOOOSH! My laptop's already full of images right now. HA!
  5. YOU-KNOW-WHO(I don't want to mention his/her name): Drawing Tablet. GRAA!
  6. FRIENDS: SMS, Wall Messages, Blog Posting.
I really really appreciate all of your presents, it means a lot to me. Today, I think God gave me present too, I don't seem having so much trouble with my exam. I hope, I got great grades! AMIN! But, birthday's not about what present that you get, it's about you, going another step to higher level of maturity. I think, every year I had misunderstood the word mature, and although I could search it in dictionary, the definition of mature itself is different according to whom the definition is asked.
mature |məˈ ch oŏr; -ˈt(y)oŏr|adjective ( -turer, -turest)fully developed physically; full-grown she was now a mature woman owlsare sexually mature at one year.• having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotionaldevelopment characteristic of an adult a young man mature beyond hisyears.• (of thought or planning) careful and thorough on mature reflection he decided they should not go.• used euphemistically to describe someone as being middle-aged or old Miss Walker was a mature lady when she married.• (of a style) fully developed Van Gogh's mature work.• (of a plant or planted area) complete in natural development :mature trees.• (of certain foodstuffs or drinks) ready for consumption.denoting an economy, industry, or market that has developed to a point where substantial expansion and investment no longer takes place.(of a bill) due for payment.verb [ intrans. ](of a person or animal) become physically mature children mature at different ages she matured into a woman.• develop fully the trees take at least thirty years to mature.• (of a person) reach an advanced stage of mental or emotional development men mature as they grow older.• (with reference to certain foodstuffs or drinks) become or cause to become ready for consumption [ intrans. leave the cheese to mature [trans. the Scotch is matured for a minimum of three years.(of an insurance policy, security, etc.) reach the end of its term and hence become payable.DERIVATIVESmaturely |məˈtʃʊ(ə)rli| |məˈt(j)ʊ(ə)rli| adverbORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin maturus ‘timely, ripe’ ; perhaps related to matins 

I'm glad that God give me the chance to live my life until today, I'm hoping that I'll get whatever that is good for me according to God's grace. I'm hoping that from now on I'll be a better person.
After all I just wanna say THANK YOU EVERY BODY! Have a nice day everyone!

-The Barf Bird


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