Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Barf Bird's Dream

I adore sketches! I really am. So, now I'm in a process of training to obtain the chance to be a fashion illustrator. I like fashion, but I think my taste will ruin my sketch. The girl who's never worried about what she's wearing -that's who I am. I don't have the courage to explore myself in those kind of clothing, that girly girly frilly thingy. But I'm proud of my friend Fia, she's really talented as a future fashion designer. I hope she could do such a great job, cause she's gifted you know? Maybe my gift is I can tell my stories out of my sketch. So wish me luck with the path that I chose, I want to be a Fashion Illustrator. At least for now, 


Thunderstorm and The Barf Bird
Karenina S. A. Moestadjab