Monday, April 13, 2009


I really like blogging now. I don't know if it's going to last forever, but I really enjoy it, for now. The thing about blogging that I like is, it really helps me with my English. As you might know from my older post, that I'm in a path to obtain the Barf Bird's dream. Yeah. That path includes improving my bad English and me,  studying abroad, in Canada. HA! I speak in Indonesian Language all-the-time here, but in just 4 months I have to change that habit. I HAVE TO ENDURE SPEAKING IN ENGLISH! GAH! I really excited about studying abroad, but I can't imagine how can I survive the language differences. I really like to talk. I TALK A LOT. Maybe, you'll see me and think that I'm such a quiet girl, but I'm not. So, now I'm practicing. I start blogging in English. Maybe it's a good way to start improving my language skills, right?

me, thinking about my bad english while blogging and watching tv in my mother's bedroom                                                                                -The Barf Bird