Saturday, May 23, 2009

Siti Janda says; मैं आपसे प्यार करता / करती हूँ, Vikram.

SMOVE 2009, Watch Our Movie There! 30 May 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're not meant for each other

"Why wouldn't you love me like I do?"

"Well, maybe because I'm not you, you know?"

"B-but why??"

"Cause I'm not a goodie-goodie-frilly-pinky-sweetie-lover kind of person"

"But, I am that kind of person..."

-The Barf Bird


Hey, good news! I'm....... BORED.

Have you checked out my Tumblr yet? Well you better check it! I started to post some of my drawings there, since Blogger seems to be more comfortable to post writings. Well, I'm doing a project on.. Designing my farewell party dress! HA!
It's pretty much a simple dress, because I don't really like to wear dresses though.. Should I post the sketch here? I don't think so.. Maybe I'll post it later after the farewell. 

For now? So long, farewell!

-Karenina S. A. Moestadjab

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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I thought that someone cursed me! Seriously! OH MY OH MY! I felt relieved for awhile, since nothing's been bothering me. Until yesterday. I don't know where to start! Okay, take a deep breath and read.

A view days ago, I confirmed a friend request in Facebook. And, at the same day, I confirmed a buddy request in MSN too. At first, I thought that the person who's adding me is my elementary school friend.

"An old friend, well, what could possibly go wrong?" you'll probably said that. Guess what?

Well, unfortunately he/she's not my elementary school friend. We've never met before. Stranger. I don't know who he/she is. But there's something I knew for sure. He/She's CREEPY.

He/She started to communicate with me using FB chat. Then, I signed out because I was too scared. But the creepy part's not over yet, he/she reached me with MSN too.

The way that he/she talked to me may refer to a pedophile, talking while giving candy to it's prey. I've blocked his/her MSN, and I've removed him/her from my friend list in FB.

HA! Do you think I can sit back and relax then? If your answer is yes, than you're WRONG!!

Pedophile: eh eh, gue/aku di remove friend nih ? wah songong, ngajak ribut ? hehehehehe . jawab loh yah, awas engga wrawr


Pedophile: hey hey, I've been removed from your friend list, eh? wow, you're so brave, messing up with me? hehehehehehe. reply this, you better watch out if you don't wrawr.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay! What's with the 'WRAWR' part? Eh, Tiger? I'm pretty tough you know. I'm strong enough to knock you out. I sure can do that, even with my eyes shut and hands behind my back. So you better watch out, tiger

p.s he/she's older than me, so what? fuck off, bastard!

Monday, May 18, 2009

August, Please Come Early For Me

Dear August,

How come you never showed up? It's been quite a hectic year you know, for me.. I'm waiting for your presence with a heart full of joy. Yeah, I know we didn't get to know each other yet. But I'd love to meet you, soon. Please August, please. Please come early for me.

-The Barf Bird

Fashion Illustration, Drawing Tablet

YAAAAAAAAAAY! It's my first (blog) published fashion illustration!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heather Bill

This is my 'ME TIME'. So what are you doing here?

Bugging me? Is that's what you're trying to do? Well.


Hey hey hey! Why are you doing? Staring at me like that!
You have no right to do that, and I'm not giving it!


Oh, well well well.. Look who's here? Jimmy Burke.
You're dead, mate.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Heartless Bastard

Heartless bastard? I feel like one right now. Why?

The courage that I need to be myself is all gone, now.
I gave my dignity to the poor, for them to wear. Then I have none.
I willingly put away my faith too, despite my heart I control myself.
Just let me die. I'm already dying.
I'm a heartless bastard. Yes I am.
Maybe not to you. But to me? I sure do.
Took my brain, body, inspiration, aspiration, mind, anything.
But my heart you can't. Cause I have none.
I'm a heartless bastard. Yes I am.
Consider nothing but my heart.
But. I'm a heartless bastard. So just go throw me away.
Just put me in that damn corner. You can throw me rotten eggs as much as you want.
Consider nothing but my heart. I don't have one.
Soar to the sky. Tell the seagull to spread the news. I'm already dead.
I really am. From that moment. When he took my heart away.
A Heartless bastard. That's who I am.

-The Barf Bird

Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's Just... LAME

I can see what you're trying to put off, but here's some suggestions from me:

  1. Stop copying phrases from English Test questions.
  2. Just endure speaking/writing with the language.
  3. Speak with someone back there in your 'native country'.
  4. Get a new excuse book.
  5. Go see a psychologist. Seriously, you need one.
I'm just so embarrassed that I even know you. I didn't mean to be harsh, but I have to. Cause you're just so annoying. Can't you just get a new life? GAH!

Sorry. You're just too... Annoying. Like a buzzing bee, you know? Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"Strangely, you just popped into my mind"
"After all these month of ever knowing you"
"You suddenly reappeared"
"Here, in my mind"
"I don't know why"
"Neither do my mind"
"All those memories that I kept away"
"Where I locked them"
"Where's the padlock?"
"It disappeared..."
"..........And there's you, memories about you"
"Sitting there beside me"
"Telling me stories that I'm trying to forget"
"Stories from all those past days"
"Stories that used to blow me away"


"You know that I'm not capable to handle this"

-The Barf Bird


Things I Miss, Alot:

  1. My Dad
  2. Drama Club: With The Theater Warriors
  3. My Former Class: 7b, 8d
  4. Friday Food Favor: With my two best mates
  5. Skema: Searching for sponsors with Tika, Fadia, Riris, Adis, Astrid, Pak Satria and Pak Aris
  6. 80's Bulda Ladies: With all the craziness!
  7. Antar Jemput Pamulang: With all our silliness and of course craziness!
  8. GKJ Performance: I miss all those days practicing with the sound of gamelan everywhere.
  9. Petualangan Laos: With the truth that I can't reveal there... Sorry!

Sorry, Cupcake..

"Sorry petite Cupcake.."

"But it seems like nobody's attracted to you anymore.."
"Your frosting are just getting pretty boring"
"I can't stand it baby.."
"You're giving me cavity"
"And  you're gonna be mad at me?"
"....You have to see the cavity you're causing me"
"All those days you try to comfort me"
"Then ditch me for another thick red lips"
"I'm sick of all of this"
"Maybe this time next week, month, year, or probably just tomorrow?"
"I don't know when"
"But someday, they'll ditch you"
"And then throw you away into that trash can across the corner"
"Then you'll have none"
"Nothing but your rotten heart"
"Just wait and see.."


"Sorry, Cupcake"
"I guess.. My Marshmallow fellows  are waiting for me"
"So long, darling"

-The Barf Bird

Ol' Man Jenkins

"Why do older guy like ol' man Jenkins watch porn?"


"Maybe Spongebob wasn't so attractive.."


"I don't like Spongebob either"
"So can I watch porn with ol' man Jenkins?"


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tribute To SV

Dear, SV..

Or, should I say: Dear, SV's creator.. oops!
I should have apologize to
 you, after I block your MSN.. Sorry! But I can't endure lying...

GEE! How rude! I should have introduce you first!

Okay, meet my friend, SV. She's a sophomore in WCHS, Lethbridge (or so she had told me)
She's very clever. In age same as mine, she's already a 10th grader, but she's going to graduate in 2010.. That makes her a junior, right? WOA! Brainiacs!

She's adorable too! She looks just like Zooey Deschannel! 
here's a photo of her

strangely, i found out that the photo really is Zooey Deschannel. Sorry for being skeptical.. But I try to figure out who are you SV.. I still don't understand why there's no one there in WCHS that knows you existence. Strange, right? Cause you're so beautiful! And smart too! 

Okay, enough. SV, I know who you really are. That's pathetic, faking your identity. And you're not doing it well... Maybe my english is bad, but not as bad as you. Sorry.. It's just another mistake that you did by yourself. Now you're blocking me, and I know why. It's because all of my skeptical questions right? I'm jeopardizing your existence. I know. I meant to do that, cause I hate faker. 

Oh, and your biggest mistake? Your creator blocked me too. HUGE MISTAKE. Maybe, if you didn't do that, I wouldn't figured out who you really are.

Dear SV, it's strange to know that you ask my friend this question:
"Oh, u can call me Vanessa. This year is my second year in Winston Churchill. Is there one of your friend want to school in Canada? I think nope want, right?"

Why do you happened to go to WCHS, after the fact that I wrote my goal to go to that school like, umm EVERYWHERE? And, what's with the weird sentence "I think nope want, right?".

I knew from the moment I wrote those messages in your wall, that you're not really Canadian, and you're not really exist either. That moment, I already figured out who you really are too. Those messages are just a bait to trap you. And you know what? It worked! You're panicking, and blocking me everywhere. Not to consider anything, you block me from your real account too. Your creator's account.

Sorry SV, GAME OVER- darling!

p.s sorry if I'm being such a mean girl, FAKER.

best regards,

Karenina S. A. Moestadjab

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Sister Is Such A Crybaby -Part TWO!!


It's such a relieve that I finally find something interesting to post here! Haha.. I've been through so many sick- boring days... I had influenza now, and I think I could really sneeze my guts out!! How sick is that! GAH!

Well.. As I told you in my past post(past- post? haha it sounds kinda funny to me) I'm going to study abroad, and before I go there I have to finish some business here, that business includes getting my braces off(yeah, I wear braces). So, recently I went to the dentist with my mom and my sister. I just got my braces tightened, but the doctor finds out that my sister has even bigger problem than my orthodontics teeth.. CAVITY

The doctor then ask my sister to open her mouth and started to drill her teeth, and guess what? Yeah I knew you'd guess this.. SHE CRIED! My mother can't even stand it! She laughed heavily with me outside the dentist's office! HA!

Dentist: "It's not gonna hurt"
My sister: (crying)
Dentist: "Don't cry honey... I won't hurt you"
My Mom: (holding her laugh)
Me: (laughing)
My sister: "It tickles..(crying)"
Dentist: "It tickles?"
My Mom: "Excuse me..(dragging me outside the doctor's office)

outside the dentist's office

Mom and Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (laughed heavily)

here's a video that shows my crybaby sister, enjoy!


-The Barf Bird

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey- Ho!

Hey hey hey! I've been studying for my National Final Exam lately, so my mom kinda keep my laptop somewhere out of my reach. Let's see what I've done...

Karenina's To Do List:

  • Buy a Moleskine sketch book (V)
  • Finish National Final Exam (V)
  • Go to PIK with friends (V)
  • Sleepover at Ayu's (V)
  • Attend March's birthday (V)
  • Had sores on my feet (V)
  • Buy a new drawing table (  )
  • Buy some acrylic paint (  )
  • Rehearse for Music test with 80's Ladies (  )
  • Rehearse for Music test with 9c girls (  )
GAH! There's still so many things that I have to do... Oh God! I'm exhausted!

seriously, I need one..

-The Barf Bird