Friday, May 15, 2009

Heartless Bastard

Heartless bastard? I feel like one right now. Why?

The courage that I need to be myself is all gone, now.
I gave my dignity to the poor, for them to wear. Then I have none.
I willingly put away my faith too, despite my heart I control myself.
Just let me die. I'm already dying.
I'm a heartless bastard. Yes I am.
Maybe not to you. But to me? I sure do.
Took my brain, body, inspiration, aspiration, mind, anything.
But my heart you can't. Cause I have none.
I'm a heartless bastard. Yes I am.
Consider nothing but my heart.
But. I'm a heartless bastard. So just go throw me away.
Just put me in that damn corner. You can throw me rotten eggs as much as you want.
Consider nothing but my heart. I don't have one.
Soar to the sky. Tell the seagull to spread the news. I'm already dead.
I really am. From that moment. When he took my heart away.
A Heartless bastard. That's who I am.

-The Barf Bird