Monday, May 11, 2009

My Sister Is Such A Crybaby -Part TWO!!


It's such a relieve that I finally find something interesting to post here! Haha.. I've been through so many sick- boring days... I had influenza now, and I think I could really sneeze my guts out!! How sick is that! GAH!

Well.. As I told you in my past post(past- post? haha it sounds kinda funny to me) I'm going to study abroad, and before I go there I have to finish some business here, that business includes getting my braces off(yeah, I wear braces). So, recently I went to the dentist with my mom and my sister. I just got my braces tightened, but the doctor finds out that my sister has even bigger problem than my orthodontics teeth.. CAVITY

The doctor then ask my sister to open her mouth and started to drill her teeth, and guess what? Yeah I knew you'd guess this.. SHE CRIED! My mother can't even stand it! She laughed heavily with me outside the dentist's office! HA!

Dentist: "It's not gonna hurt"
My sister: (crying)
Dentist: "Don't cry honey... I won't hurt you"
My Mom: (holding her laugh)
Me: (laughing)
My sister: "It tickles..(crying)"
Dentist: "It tickles?"
My Mom: "Excuse me..(dragging me outside the doctor's office)

outside the dentist's office

Mom and Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (laughed heavily)

here's a video that shows my crybaby sister, enjoy!


-The Barf Bird