Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry, Cupcake..

"Sorry petite Cupcake.."

"But it seems like nobody's attracted to you anymore.."
"Your frosting are just getting pretty boring"
"I can't stand it baby.."
"You're giving me cavity"
"And  you're gonna be mad at me?"
"....You have to see the cavity you're causing me"
"All those days you try to comfort me"
"Then ditch me for another thick red lips"
"I'm sick of all of this"
"Maybe this time next week, month, year, or probably just tomorrow?"
"I don't know when"
"But someday, they'll ditch you"
"And then throw you away into that trash can across the corner"
"Then you'll have none"
"Nothing but your rotten heart"
"Just wait and see.."


"Sorry, Cupcake"
"I guess.. My Marshmallow fellows  are waiting for me"
"So long, darling"

-The Barf Bird