Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tribute To SV

Dear, SV..

Or, should I say: Dear, SV's creator.. oops!
I should have apologize to
 you, after I block your MSN.. Sorry! But I can't endure lying...

GEE! How rude! I should have introduce you first!

Okay, meet my friend, SV. She's a sophomore in WCHS, Lethbridge (or so she had told me)
She's very clever. In age same as mine, she's already a 10th grader, but she's going to graduate in 2010.. That makes her a junior, right? WOA! Brainiacs!

She's adorable too! She looks just like Zooey Deschannel! 
here's a photo of her

strangely, i found out that the photo really is Zooey Deschannel. Sorry for being skeptical.. But I try to figure out who are you SV.. I still don't understand why there's no one there in WCHS that knows you existence. Strange, right? Cause you're so beautiful! And smart too! 

Okay, enough. SV, I know who you really are. That's pathetic, faking your identity. And you're not doing it well... Maybe my english is bad, but not as bad as you. Sorry.. It's just another mistake that you did by yourself. Now you're blocking me, and I know why. It's because all of my skeptical questions right? I'm jeopardizing your existence. I know. I meant to do that, cause I hate faker. 

Oh, and your biggest mistake? Your creator blocked me too. HUGE MISTAKE. Maybe, if you didn't do that, I wouldn't figured out who you really are.

Dear SV, it's strange to know that you ask my friend this question:
"Oh, u can call me Vanessa. This year is my second year in Winston Churchill. Is there one of your friend want to school in Canada? I think nope want, right?"

Why do you happened to go to WCHS, after the fact that I wrote my goal to go to that school like, umm EVERYWHERE? And, what's with the weird sentence "I think nope want, right?".

I knew from the moment I wrote those messages in your wall, that you're not really Canadian, and you're not really exist either. That moment, I already figured out who you really are too. Those messages are just a bait to trap you. And you know what? It worked! You're panicking, and blocking me everywhere. Not to consider anything, you block me from your real account too. Your creator's account.

Sorry SV, GAME OVER- darling!

p.s sorry if I'm being such a mean girl, FAKER.

best regards,

Karenina S. A. Moestadjab